Thursday, March 14, 2013

Writer's Block

Writer's block. These two words should fall under the category of "words I won't allow my children to say." They're so foul! Unfortunately, like most of the bodily functions swear words cover, it happens. Writer's block, I mean. Not 'it.' ;)

The question most writers have, new or not, is how to get past that blasted wall of creativity. I've researched the topic a bit myself, having been the victim of the block. My conclusion? Experiment. The same solution for one writer will not work for another. That's the genius of the creative process. If we all created the same way, it wouldn't be very creative, would it?

Some writers write through the block. That is, they keep writing the scene, deleting it, and writing it again until they get what they want. Kind of like running through the pain when you're running distance.

Others write around the block. They write and write and write until they finally say what they want to say, how they want to say. Then they delete the fluff.

Still more ignore the block and hope it goes away. They do this creativly, of course. Some draw or paint. Others take pictures. Some read a book. Okay, they're not really ignoring it so much as taking a change in pace, giving the old cerebrum a break from the work of writing.

Me? I write over the block. I pretty much know what major things I want happening in my story. I suppose it's an outline of sorts, but it only exists in my head. Then I write. I vomit my creativity onto the screen until nothing else comes out. When nothing else is coming, that means I've reached my block. So I skip to the next scene. And I write. That section of my creativity hasn't been blocked at all. I get a burst of excitement to be working on something "new." When I've reached the end of my story, the work begins for me. Editting. Ugh. We'll talk about that eight letter word another day... ;)

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