Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So, I've got a fantasy novel in the works (another trilogy). It will probably be a few months before it's completed. I'm about 65% of the way finished writing, and then I "get to" edit like mad! Any thoughts on how to do a cover for something like this? I'm really hoping to be able to afford a professional someday for my bookcovers. Christmas, maybe? ;)

The title to this trilogy will be "The Sword and The Shield." Of course, that's kind of long and awkward. Maybe I should just shorten it to "The Shield" and add something like ": The Sword" to it. Hmmm... That's the wonderful thing about editing, is the opportunity to change your mind! :)

Just a quick heads up on it... An orphan girl discovers a dragon and accidentally bonds with it. Things are going fine...until she comes to the attention of the king!

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