Saturday, March 14, 2015

Totems Update

Coming next month: "Totems: The King's Treasure." I'm excited for this and you should be, too. Why? Because you're going to love Rael and Arianwyn. They're pretty awesome people. Who are they?

Arianwyn is a peasant girl. She just wants to disappear and be safe. She doesn't want to cause trouble. She wants to survive, maybe carve out a small slice of comfort for herself. Well, for her and the dragon she accidentally bonded.

Rael is the King of the Dragon Totem lands, bonded to his dragon Charon. He has to get married before war breaks out among his thanes. War already looms among the other Totems. He hopes to find a political ally, but dreads going against the tradition of wedding an unbonded woman.

The first time Arianwyn sees the king, she's terrified. She hopes he doesn't spot her.

The first time Rael sees Arianwyn, he's furious. He threatens to kill her.

Can the two of them come to terms in order to save the kingdom and those dragons to whom they are bonded? That's what you'll get to find out in April!

Also coming soon, the cover reveal for this book! :D Great things come to those who wait.