Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I guess you reach a point where you realize that you can't do things because you believe it will make a difference for someone else. The only change that I can be sure of is the one I make for myself. So, here we have it. This blog was originally to help ME learn and discover new things. Others learning and such was supposed to be a side-note. Somewhere, I lost track of that.

Now, it's for me. I am my audience. And I intend to enjoy every minute of it. :)

"The Guardians: Gateway" has 100 more pages to go before I'm finished editting it. Then I plan on self-publishing on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). I plan on this being a trilogy; "The Guardians: Revenge" and "The Guardians: Hope." The titles are tentative, but I'm pretty sure that they're a solid tentative. :) I also have a fantasy book in the works, another trilogy...although the third isn't very solid. Basically it's a "dilogy" or "duology." Hmmm, which word would you use? Probably Duology. Anyways, this series is "The Sword and the Shield" series. Not sure what differentiation to use between the titles yet.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Guardians

It's done! As soon as some of my test readers finish reading through it, I will decide if "The Guardians" goes to agents (fingers crossed) or if I simply self-pub (simply...haha!). If you're interested in reading a chapter, post a number 1-30 and I will send you that chapter number.

The Guardians:

April is your average, first year college student. No tricks, no gimmicks. Her life is going the same place everyone around her is going and she's going through the same motions everyone else is going through. Until Halloween night.

Halloween night, the monsters are real...and they're taking April with them.