Thursday, December 15, 2016


Was the last blog post really in June? That's nuts! So much has happened since then! I could have sworn I posted when Totems 3 came out in November. Hmmm....Life has been crazy.

Fear not! I am still here! And I hope to make 2017 better than 2016 has been. :) I've got big plans for next year, all of which will be included in my next blog post.

Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Thursday, June 23, 2016


This is how you know I'm busy working on the story: the blog suffers! As I mentioned earlier, I had to rewrite about 50% of the story. There are still a few tweaks and additions that need to happen, but I am on the first read through before sending it to Betas. :D

Once I send the book to betas, I'll contact my cover designer and get a cover going. When you see that posted on my facebook page, you'll know that things are getting close.

I appreciate your patience and the time you've spent reading these books. I have enjoyed getting to know Rael, Arianwyn, and those who surround them better as well. It's an amazing thing to have snippets of imagination come alive on a page. Thank you everyone!

I should say, I'm about 1/3 of the way through the read through, so next week I plan on sending the book to betas.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When Betas Find GIANT Errors...

So, I sent book three of my Totems series to my betas on Monday. Today, I got these fabulous questions: "When and where did Alyssa become a pirate queen and was taken from the castle?" and "Where did Sam come from?!?!"

Confidently, I replied: "They're definitely in book 2, that much I know!"

My wonderful beta did a search of their story and came back with a "Nope! Not there!"

So I started scratching my head and went back to amazon to use the book previewer again. Guess what? THEY WEREN'T THERE!! ARRRRGGGHHH!!! No wonder people were complaining about the book being so much shorter than book 1 because over HALF of the book was missing!

I can't believe people bought the book and left positive reviews. It shows what good and forgiving hearts you people have! Not only that, they then offered to beta number three! Your confidence in my is overwhelming...and possibly misplaced! LoL

Nevertheless, I have uploaded the COMPLETE book two to the kindle (the paperback did not have this problem, thankfully!). Thank you for your patience and I apologize for overlooking that. And beta who caught it, THANK YOU!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Story updates

May, I think. Fingers crossed. I'm hoping that Totems 3 will be ready for the public eye by May. Of course, that means I have some work to do. I mean, I'm still revising. Then I have to edit. Then I have to send out to beta readers. And then I have to edit some more. Hmmm...hopefully, May. ;)

I've also got a new series in the works. I haven't fully decided on a series name, yet, but the first book is called "The War Captain." I probably won't release this series until 2017. But I'm so excited about them. Connor is the protagonist of the story. Oookay, you talked me into it. A little bit of Totems 3 and a little bit of The War Captain. :D


Hestia leaned over the shoulder of her dragon, staring down at the ground. Her lips pursed together in fury. They had kicked her off the island! She clenched her hands.

:They will regret it,: Saphala commented. She swiveled her head, searching the land beneath them.

:I was their source of power. The only reason the mages had come to be respected!: Hestia seethed.

:It is true,: Saphala agreed. :But this is not the end. It is a new beginning for us.:

Hestia took deep breaths. :Yes, I must focus on the opportunity being presented.: It was true. Saphala was right. They were no longer confined to the Isle of the Mages. She could now return to her kingdom and take her rightful place as queen.

:What about Ethelinda?: Saphala asked.

Hestia’s lip curled into a sneer. :The girl will not be difficult to deal with. She couldn’t even take the kingdom on her own, let alone keep it from me,: Hestia said, dismissing the worry of Ethelinda.

:What will you do with her?:
:That depends on how she reacts. If she accepts me as the rightful queen, then I may keep her as my heir.: Hestia smiled to herself. That would be the key. If her daughter could bow down gracefully to her or not."
"Chapter 1
The nursemaid turned maid bustled through the bedroom, one last time. She took a deep breath, clasping her hands to her chest. It was hopeless. She was going to have to tell High Councilor Elenor. She walked through the corridor, the soft carpet muffling her footsteps. Guards patrolled different sections of the hallway, eyeing her suspiciously before they noted her colors.
She walked to the Councilor’s Hall, heart pounding. This was exactly what the High Councilor told her not to allow to happen. She paused, looking at the guards. “I have an urgent message for her ladyship High Councilor Elenor.” They nodded once, pushing the large wooden door open.
Raised voices assailed her ears. Lady Elenor leaned over the table, jabbing it with her finger for emphasis. “I will not cede another ounce of my land to you! You are already getting my son—“
“Your youngest son. Just because your late husband’s blood flows through his veins—“
“It is because my late husband’s blood—“ she cut off, staring at the maid. “Excuse me,” she said, stalking around the table without waiting for response. She crossed her arms, glaring at the maid. “Well? What is it, Tamissa?”
“I apologize, your Ladyship,” Tamissa whispered. “But he’s done it again.”
“Drat the child,” Elenor muttered.
“What is it, Lady Elenor?”
“You’ll have to excuse me for a moment, Lord Jermaine. I will return presently.” She walked from the chamber, the maid scrambling to keep up. “When did you see him last? He must be presented within the hour!”
“He was at lunch. I went to fetch another pasty for him—he loves them so!—and when I returned he had vanished.”
“I ordered you not to let him out of your sight!”
“I am so sorry, my lady,” she whispered again.
Elenor ignored the maid, leaving the main building for the castle courtyard. A group of men in her colors were drilling to the side, weapons banging noisily against each other and against armor. “Cormick!” she shouted above the sound.
A large man turned from the fray, his eyes falling on his lady. He let out a whistle. The men stopped training, many of them leaning on their knees. “Get a drink, take a rest. When I return, I want every man ready to run.” His announcement was met with groans. He did not stay to hear them. He met Elenor partway across the field and half bowed, eyes never leaving the woman. “My lady?”
“He’s done it again.”
Cormick sighed. “Shall I assemble the men?”
“All of them. He must be found and presentable within the hour.”
Cormick saluted, fist to chest. “It shall be done, my lady.” He turned, striding back to his men. “New orders!” he bellowed. “The first one of you to find Lord Connor will get the rest of this afternoon off.” Jaws dropped and men stared. “Well? Get going!”
Thirty minutes later, a scruffy looking six year old was dragged by the arm into the castle. A trail of mud followed his path. Tamissa scurried to him, sending another to inform Lady Elenor. “Oh my goodness, Lord Connor! What have you done?”
The boy scowled up at the maid through the mud dripping off his chin. “I won,” he muttered, wiping at his dirty face with a dirty sleeve. Mud smeared across his face, only his green eyes seemed free of the ooze.
“What, against pigs? What will your mother say?”
“Damnit!” All three jumped at the curse. “What did I tell you, Connor? This is unacceptable behavior for the son of a High Councilor.” The maid scrubbed futilely at his face with a small handkerchief, making swirls in the mud. “There is no time now. He must meet Idrina. Bring him.”
Connor struggled uselessly against the guard still holding him. He desisted when his mother told him he would lose his training sessions if he did not stop. Sullenly, the boy followed in his mother’s wake. Lord Jermaine’s lip curled at the sight of the boy. “I’m inclined to argue for more land.”
“The contract has been signed,” Elenor snapped. Jermaine sighed and beckoned to a second maid.
“May I present, Lady Idrina.” The maid held a tiny bundle wrapped in cloth out for inspection.
“Well?” Elenor said to Connor. He shrugged up at her. “Go say hello to your bride!”"