Wednesday, March 1, 2017

World History Part 2

Here's where the updates on book progress!

The Singer has been sent to alpha readers!

The War Captain is still working through beta readers. The cover looks pretty awesome, though. :)

The Seer is still in vomit draft. I haven’t begun the first read through yet.

Heirs to the Throne is somewhere ambiguous…I can’t decide if it needs a bit more or if it’s finished. It’s a short story that will go out to my reader friends.

The Mage is currently on hold while I work on my other projects. It’s outlined with a few scenes fleshed in.

The Demon Hunter is also on hold. It isn’t quite outlined yet.

World History Part 2:

“In time, the twins had children of their own. Their family spread across the land for 1,000 years. At the end of that time, the Lover awoke. He roamed the land, observing the new people on it. Easily, he recognized the vibrations of his godly brother and sister in the humans now before him. And so he planned his revenge.

“Vengeance came to him unexpectedly. A young Warrior, determined to prove herself, went out hunting. She managed to kill the giant cats that roamed the plains, but the cat injured her. She would have died if the Lover had not been nearby. Using his own Voice, he healed and then seduced the young woman.

“When the daughter brought the Lover to her home, her father, the first War Chief, recognized him for what he was. Violence broke out within the family, brothers and sisters choosing one side or the other. Eventually, the War Chief and his Singer, known as the Voice, defeated the Lover, sending him back to sleep.

“Grief-stricken, the daughter left her family, bringing with her those who believed as she did. And so the family that once was united, became divided. Those who followed the War God and the Goddess chose freedom with individual responsibility. They called those who followed the daughter Anarchists. And thus was the name of the Lover changed to Anarchist among the followers of the War God and the Goddess.

“The followers of the Lover continued to name him Lover, for they saw his seduction as true love and not the evil scheme that it was. They embraced the title of Anarchists for themselves, seeking freedom through strength.

“Another 1,000 years passed. During this time, the people split into organizations: the Warriors strictly followed the War God and the Singers followed the Goddess. The Warriors set up Garrisons for their people while the Singers organized Skenes to train their people. The Anarchist woke again into this new world, but he carried the same goal. He gathered his followers and went forth to battle the Warriors and the Singers. This time, War Captain Denton and his Singer Crielle defeated him.

“By the year 3,000, the people had fractured even more, some choosing to only loosely dedicate their lives to the War God or the Goddess while others remained steadfast and loyal. Those who distanced themselves divided the land between them into four main regions, each region with another smaller four regions within it. The Anarchist arose and attacked the land of Thantos, one of the four larger regions.

“Though depleted in numbers, War Captain Myron was able to rally Warriors and common folk alike, uniting them in the face of danger. Meanwhile, War Captain Landon set up a trap. He lured the Anarchist across the river Erinnon, toward Thantos. When his forces were divided, the War Captains attacked the Anarchist’s forces from two sides and were able to defeat the larger force.

“Peace reigned for another 1,000 years. The four main regions elected High Councilors to govern them. The High Councilors appointed Councilors to govern the regions below them. Whispers carried that the Anarchist was again arising. Determined to avoid the death of the 1,000 years previous, War Captain Jude and his Singer Amorrette left for the Plains of the Anarchist. They planned to find and defeat the Anarchist before he could form his army.

“They were only partially successful. The Anarchist, when he saw defeat imminent, split his soul. His body slumbered while his spirit lingered on. He attached his spirit to Amorrette. The Singer and War Captain returned home, unaware that Amorrette was now host to their enemy.”

Thursday, February 2, 2017

World History Part 1

Let's do the could be boring/could be exciting stuff first!

Book updates: War Captain has been out to betas for a month now. I’m going to do one more pass of my own (adding in suggested changes) and then send it to an editor.

The Singer (book 2 after War Captain) is almost finished with first edits. I’ll be sending it to alpha readers this weekend.

I have outlined a short story Heirs to the Throne that will go to those on my mailing list in May.

I’ve outlined The Mage, the story of Ashtiv and have begun work on a few sections. I know it’s a bit of a spoiler, but there’s my Christmas gift for those on my mailing list. Early Merry Christmas! :)

Random book idea that is way out of my genre is outlined. It will be titled Demon Hunter. Because it’s not a normal book for me to write, it will be one that I work on every now and again (de vez en cuando, for you Spanish speakers from the Dominican Republic).

As I mentioned, my next book coming out is the War Captain. Here’s a little world history for it:

“Before time even began, the gods lived in the heavens. There were three gods in particular who have influenced the land. The War God, the Goddess, and the Lover.

“The War God and the Lover battled for the affections of the Goddess. It was a dark, brutal time. Some say that it was during this time that the world was formed, the clash of the blades giving light to darkness, the chip of a mace falling and spinning to become the world, the tears of the Goddess, creating the seas, and each drop of blood and sweat mingling to become beast or plant.

“The war lasted for unnumbered years. Perhaps it would have ended sooner had the Goddess chosen one of the gods to love. The problem is that she loved them both. The War God devoted his body to her, the Lover devoted his skill, even going so far as to become most like her of the two gods. Because of this, she could not bring herself to choose one over the other.

“At long last, the Lover gained dominance over the War God. He threw the other down, holding him pinned beneath his foot. The war had twisted the Lover, his soul changing into something unrecognizable. But, because a Soul is hidden within the body, neither the Goddess nor the War God at first recognized the change.

“The War God, for the first time in eons, looked directly into the Lover’s eyes and knew. He knew that his brother was no longer the same man and he knew that he would not be satisfied until the War God was no more. Seeing his fate, he turned his gaze one last time upon the Goddess. “Please,” he begged. “Let me die hearing your voice.”

“The Lover laughed. He raised his mace high, eyes glowing blue as the lightning behind him. “You shall never hear her again,” he mocked. “I will be the last thing you hear!” And then he raised his voice in Song, hideous and painful to hear.

“The Goddess looked upon the Lover, finally seeing him as the twisted creature that he had become. Her gaze shifted to the War God. He still did not look upon the Lover, nor his fate, but stared faithfully at her. Once again, she looked to the Lover. “Stop,” she ordered.

“The Lover’s lips sneered. “You are now mine,” he said. “You must obey my orders.” The force of his Song altered, ever so slightly, and the Goddess fell to her knees in pain.

“The War God roared in fury, twisting to get out from under the Lover, but his struggles were in vain. He was too weak to protect the Goddess.

“A pure, golden sound cut through the cacophony of the Lover. For the first time, the Goddess raised her voice in battle and her power struck true.

“The Lover staggered back, his Song fading away as he gasped for breath.

“With renewed strength, the War God leapt to his feet. With the Song of the Goddess aiding him, he threw the Lover from the heavens.

“As he fell, his body caught fire. He blazed to the new earth below them, landing with a mighty crash. Some say the fire was holy fire from the Goddess, that it robbed the Lover of his godhood. All that is truly known is that the Lover had fallen from his Standing as a god and now wandered the earth, immortal and thirsty for vengeance.

“Meanwhile, the War God and the Goddess found themselves with a world and each other. Together, they explored the plants and animals, altering them into more refined creations that the world knows today. During their time on the planet, the Goddess conceived and gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.

“Because the children were born on earth, they were unable to return to the heavens with their parents. Instead, the War God taught his son to fight and the Goddess taught her daughter to Sing and care for the plants she had placed there. And then they left, giving their children the world as a gift.”

End of Part 1. Next month, I'll outline what these two kids and their children got up to. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year Resolutions

I’ve been thinking lately about where I want to take my authorship. I love writing and I plan to keep writing. That’s not the problem. My problem is what to do with my writing once it’s done. I love sharing it, so I’m making some New Year’s Resolutions with that in mind.

1. I want to release three books this year. Yes, three. They’re already written in vomit draft, I just need to finish editing them. (Okay, maybe four. But who’s counting?)

2. I want to send those on my newsletter complimentary short story or two. I haven’t outlined them yet, but I have a pretty good idea of what they’ll be. Eventually, they will be made available to the public, but those on my list will get first crack at them.

3. I want to give those on my newsletter a Christmas present! Considering I’m an author, you can probably bet it will be a free story of some sort. ;) (Okay, I’m totally planning to write Ashtiv’s story. Hope you don’t mind me ruining the surprise.)

4. I want to purchase 25 bags from Together We Rise to donate to my local foster care agency. This is only possible because of all of you. So that donation is as much from you as me. If you want to see what they’re all about, you can find them at It’s a non-profit organization.

5. I want to send out monthly newsletters and write monthly blog posts to keep you informed of what’s going on. Those who have signed up for my newsletter will be privy to insider information (like sales or freebies from me and other authors) while the blog will cover more general news or random thoughts.

6. I want to revamp my web page, which means that I may move it in the near future. Purchase my own domain name and everything. :) It makes me nervous, but I think it would be more professional. And I want to offer professional quality to my readers.

7. I want to divide my time using the 80/20 rule. This means I have to figure out how often I’m going to write each day so that I have a known number to work with. Then I want to devote 80% of that time to writing and 20% to marketing, newsletters, and blog posts.

These are my New Year’s Resolutions. I hereby resolve to get these things done in 2017! I understand that resolutions don’t always happen, which is why some people don’t like to make them. What’s the point when you always fail? I don’t see making and attempting and failing resolutions as failure, I see it as progress. If I can improve myself a little bit today, even if I don’t make the big improvement that I wanted, then I’ll be that much better than yesterday.

*You'll notice a lot of good things are geared toward those on my newsletter list. That's because they took the time to sign up for my newsletter, so I want to make sure to treat them right. They've made a commitment with me and I want to show them I appreciate that. Anyone can sign up for the list. ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Was the last blog post really in June? That's nuts! So much has happened since then! I could have sworn I posted when Totems 3 came out in November. Hmmm....Life has been crazy.

Fear not! I am still here! And I hope to make 2017 better than 2016 has been. :) I've got big plans for next year, all of which will be included in my next blog post.

Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Thursday, June 23, 2016


This is how you know I'm busy working on the story: the blog suffers! As I mentioned earlier, I had to rewrite about 50% of the story. There are still a few tweaks and additions that need to happen, but I am on the first read through before sending it to Betas. :D

Once I send the book to betas, I'll contact my cover designer and get a cover going. When you see that posted on my facebook page, you'll know that things are getting close.

I appreciate your patience and the time you've spent reading these books. I have enjoyed getting to know Rael, Arianwyn, and those who surround them better as well. It's an amazing thing to have snippets of imagination come alive on a page. Thank you everyone!

I should say, I'm about 1/3 of the way through the read through, so next week I plan on sending the book to betas.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When Betas Find GIANT Errors...

So, I sent book three of my Totems series to my betas on Monday. Today, I got these fabulous questions: "When and where did Alyssa become a pirate queen and was taken from the castle?" and "Where did Sam come from?!?!"

Confidently, I replied: "They're definitely in book 2, that much I know!"

My wonderful beta did a search of their story and came back with a "Nope! Not there!"

So I started scratching my head and went back to amazon to use the book previewer again. Guess what? THEY WEREN'T THERE!! ARRRRGGGHHH!!! No wonder people were complaining about the book being so much shorter than book 1 because over HALF of the book was missing!

I can't believe people bought the book and left positive reviews. It shows what good and forgiving hearts you people have! Not only that, they then offered to beta number three! Your confidence in my is overwhelming...and possibly misplaced! LoL

Nevertheless, I have uploaded the COMPLETE book two to the kindle (the paperback did not have this problem, thankfully!). Thank you for your patience and I apologize for overlooking that. And beta who caught it, THANK YOU!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Story updates

May, I think. Fingers crossed. I'm hoping that Totems 3 will be ready for the public eye by May. Of course, that means I have some work to do. I mean, I'm still revising. Then I have to edit. Then I have to send out to beta readers. And then I have to edit some more. Hmmm...hopefully, May. ;)

I've also got a new series in the works. I haven't fully decided on a series name, yet, but the first book is called "The War Captain." I probably won't release this series until 2017. But I'm so excited about them. Connor is the protagonist of the story. Oookay, you talked me into it. A little bit of Totems 3 and a little bit of The War Captain. :D


Hestia leaned over the shoulder of her dragon, staring down at the ground. Her lips pursed together in fury. They had kicked her off the island! She clenched her hands.

:They will regret it,: Saphala commented. She swiveled her head, searching the land beneath them.

:I was their source of power. The only reason the mages had come to be respected!: Hestia seethed.

:It is true,: Saphala agreed. :But this is not the end. It is a new beginning for us.:

Hestia took deep breaths. :Yes, I must focus on the opportunity being presented.: It was true. Saphala was right. They were no longer confined to the Isle of the Mages. She could now return to her kingdom and take her rightful place as queen.

:What about Ethelinda?: Saphala asked.

Hestia’s lip curled into a sneer. :The girl will not be difficult to deal with. She couldn’t even take the kingdom on her own, let alone keep it from me,: Hestia said, dismissing the worry of Ethelinda.

:What will you do with her?:
:That depends on how she reacts. If she accepts me as the rightful queen, then I may keep her as my heir.: Hestia smiled to herself. That would be the key. If her daughter could bow down gracefully to her or not."
"Chapter 1
The nursemaid turned maid bustled through the bedroom, one last time. She took a deep breath, clasping her hands to her chest. It was hopeless. She was going to have to tell High Councilor Elenor. She walked through the corridor, the soft carpet muffling her footsteps. Guards patrolled different sections of the hallway, eyeing her suspiciously before they noted her colors.
She walked to the Councilor’s Hall, heart pounding. This was exactly what the High Councilor told her not to allow to happen. She paused, looking at the guards. “I have an urgent message for her ladyship High Councilor Elenor.” They nodded once, pushing the large wooden door open.
Raised voices assailed her ears. Lady Elenor leaned over the table, jabbing it with her finger for emphasis. “I will not cede another ounce of my land to you! You are already getting my son—“
“Your youngest son. Just because your late husband’s blood flows through his veins—“
“It is because my late husband’s blood—“ she cut off, staring at the maid. “Excuse me,” she said, stalking around the table without waiting for response. She crossed her arms, glaring at the maid. “Well? What is it, Tamissa?”
“I apologize, your Ladyship,” Tamissa whispered. “But he’s done it again.”
“Drat the child,” Elenor muttered.
“What is it, Lady Elenor?”
“You’ll have to excuse me for a moment, Lord Jermaine. I will return presently.” She walked from the chamber, the maid scrambling to keep up. “When did you see him last? He must be presented within the hour!”
“He was at lunch. I went to fetch another pasty for him—he loves them so!—and when I returned he had vanished.”
“I ordered you not to let him out of your sight!”
“I am so sorry, my lady,” she whispered again.
Elenor ignored the maid, leaving the main building for the castle courtyard. A group of men in her colors were drilling to the side, weapons banging noisily against each other and against armor. “Cormick!” she shouted above the sound.
A large man turned from the fray, his eyes falling on his lady. He let out a whistle. The men stopped training, many of them leaning on their knees. “Get a drink, take a rest. When I return, I want every man ready to run.” His announcement was met with groans. He did not stay to hear them. He met Elenor partway across the field and half bowed, eyes never leaving the woman. “My lady?”
“He’s done it again.”
Cormick sighed. “Shall I assemble the men?”
“All of them. He must be found and presentable within the hour.”
Cormick saluted, fist to chest. “It shall be done, my lady.” He turned, striding back to his men. “New orders!” he bellowed. “The first one of you to find Lord Connor will get the rest of this afternoon off.” Jaws dropped and men stared. “Well? Get going!”
Thirty minutes later, a scruffy looking six year old was dragged by the arm into the castle. A trail of mud followed his path. Tamissa scurried to him, sending another to inform Lady Elenor. “Oh my goodness, Lord Connor! What have you done?”
The boy scowled up at the maid through the mud dripping off his chin. “I won,” he muttered, wiping at his dirty face with a dirty sleeve. Mud smeared across his face, only his green eyes seemed free of the ooze.
“What, against pigs? What will your mother say?”
“Damnit!” All three jumped at the curse. “What did I tell you, Connor? This is unacceptable behavior for the son of a High Councilor.” The maid scrubbed futilely at his face with a small handkerchief, making swirls in the mud. “There is no time now. He must meet Idrina. Bring him.”
Connor struggled uselessly against the guard still holding him. He desisted when his mother told him he would lose his training sessions if he did not stop. Sullenly, the boy followed in his mother’s wake. Lord Jermaine’s lip curled at the sight of the boy. “I’m inclined to argue for more land.”
“The contract has been signed,” Elenor snapped. Jermaine sighed and beckoned to a second maid.
“May I present, Lady Idrina.” The maid held a tiny bundle wrapped in cloth out for inspection.
“Well?” Elenor said to Connor. He shrugged up at her. “Go say hello to your bride!”"