Wednesday, March 1, 2017

World History Part 2

Here's where the updates on book progress!

The Singer has been sent to alpha readers!

The War Captain is still working through beta readers. The cover looks pretty awesome, though. :)

The Seer is still in vomit draft. I haven’t begun the first read through yet.

Heirs to the Throne is somewhere ambiguous…I can’t decide if it needs a bit more or if it’s finished. It’s a short story that will go out to my reader friends.

The Mage is currently on hold while I work on my other projects. It’s outlined with a few scenes fleshed in.

The Demon Hunter is also on hold. It isn’t quite outlined yet.

World History Part 2:

“In time, the twins had children of their own. Their family spread across the land for 1,000 years. At the end of that time, the Lover awoke. He roamed the land, observing the new people on it. Easily, he recognized the vibrations of his godly brother and sister in the humans now before him. And so he planned his revenge.

“Vengeance came to him unexpectedly. A young Warrior, determined to prove herself, went out hunting. She managed to kill the giant cats that roamed the plains, but the cat injured her. She would have died if the Lover had not been nearby. Using his own Voice, he healed and then seduced the young woman.

“When the daughter brought the Lover to her home, her father, the first War Chief, recognized him for what he was. Violence broke out within the family, brothers and sisters choosing one side or the other. Eventually, the War Chief and his Singer, known as the Voice, defeated the Lover, sending him back to sleep.

“Grief-stricken, the daughter left her family, bringing with her those who believed as she did. And so the family that once was united, became divided. Those who followed the War God and the Goddess chose freedom with individual responsibility. They called those who followed the daughter Anarchists. And thus was the name of the Lover changed to Anarchist among the followers of the War God and the Goddess.

“The followers of the Lover continued to name him Lover, for they saw his seduction as true love and not the evil scheme that it was. They embraced the title of Anarchists for themselves, seeking freedom through strength.

“Another 1,000 years passed. During this time, the people split into organizations: the Warriors strictly followed the War God and the Singers followed the Goddess. The Warriors set up Garrisons for their people while the Singers organized Skenes to train their people. The Anarchist woke again into this new world, but he carried the same goal. He gathered his followers and went forth to battle the Warriors and the Singers. This time, War Captain Denton and his Singer Crielle defeated him.

“By the year 3,000, the people had fractured even more, some choosing to only loosely dedicate their lives to the War God or the Goddess while others remained steadfast and loyal. Those who distanced themselves divided the land between them into four main regions, each region with another smaller four regions within it. The Anarchist arose and attacked the land of Thantos, one of the four larger regions.

“Though depleted in numbers, War Captain Myron was able to rally Warriors and common folk alike, uniting them in the face of danger. Meanwhile, War Captain Landon set up a trap. He lured the Anarchist across the river Erinnon, toward Thantos. When his forces were divided, the War Captains attacked the Anarchist’s forces from two sides and were able to defeat the larger force.

“Peace reigned for another 1,000 years. The four main regions elected High Councilors to govern them. The High Councilors appointed Councilors to govern the regions below them. Whispers carried that the Anarchist was again arising. Determined to avoid the death of the 1,000 years previous, War Captain Jude and his Singer Amorrette left for the Plains of the Anarchist. They planned to find and defeat the Anarchist before he could form his army.

“They were only partially successful. The Anarchist, when he saw defeat imminent, split his soul. His body slumbered while his spirit lingered on. He attached his spirit to Amorrette. The Singer and War Captain returned home, unaware that Amorrette was now host to their enemy.”

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