The Guardians

The Guardians: Gateways

April is your average, first year college student. She hasn't seen as much of the world as she would like, but is still enjoying life. She doesn't think much about the Halloween party her friends have planned, just hopes that she'll have fun.

The night takes a turn for the worst when April finds herself kidnapped by a skunk ape (a relative of Big Foot). Frightened, she takes every chance she can to escape...until she learns a terrible secret about herself. April must make a decision about who to trust. And if she chooses wrong, she could destroy the world.

*The Guardians: Revenge

April's life has taken a huge turn--for better or worse, she isn't sure yet. She is now a Guardian. And she is discovering the life of a female Guardian is worse than she could have imagined. With Eddy as her only friend, she struggles against a culture that demands she stay safe at home and the need to find Jason and stop him from destroying the world.

Michael thinks that he can help April. He knows what she wants...and he knows how to get it. Will Michael be able to save April from a life of being closed in? Or will he succumb to the power that he is only just discovering?

The Guardians: Hope

April and Eddy have finally made a huge decision. They're going to attempt time travel. They hope that they'll be able to reverse the spell of immortality and change the course of history. But they aren't going for a quick, easy jaunt. The Ultimate Betrayer knows and is going after them.

To make things more complicated, April hasn't figured out Eddy. He's given up so much for her...but does she really want anything to do with him beyond friendship? There are difficult choices to make and little to hope for from any choice.

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