Thursday, February 28, 2013


That's right, Saturday is the goal for uploading "The Guardians: Gateways" to Amazon Kindle. :) Keep an eye out for free days so you can download this story and give me GREAT reviews! Haha...okay, remembering that I'm writing this for me makes me chuckle. I sure do talk strange to myself. I suppose I'll download my book so I can see what it looks like, though. And maybe I'll even be able to talk my husband into downloading it...

Two more chapters to finish editing. 57% done formatting...I think I should be able to do that in two days, especially since I think the rest of the formatting will be quick and easy things. I'm so excited! And nervous, too. What if people don't like me? ;) Sorry, couldn't resist...

"April is your regular, first year college student. Not one who stands out in a crowd...until the crowd she's with suddenly changes.

Eddy is not the type  of crowd most people think about being with. And after kidnapping April, she wishes she had nothing to do with his crowd.

Demons, big foot, and black magic plague April's existence. She goes from hoping to survive college to hoping to survive life...the question on everyone's mind is, will she make it? Or will she destroy mankind?"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Publishing Woes

Well, I had set a goal to be up and running by this weekend with The Guardians: Gateways. And what happens? First the battery dies, then the power cord ceases to charge. So I lost an entire week. Luckily, this all happened on President's Day so I got a GREAT deal on a new battery and cord. :) Now it's back to formatting and editting (SO BORING!). Five more chapters to edit and formatting is about 33% finished. So my new goal is next weekend.

By the way, if you're going to be writing a book and publishing it through Amazon, look up Kindle Direct Publishing. They'll have you download a free book that will tell you how to format your story so that the transition to Amazon is as smooth as possible. Do that BEFORE you start writing! You'll save yourself A LOT of time formatting if you do.