Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Internet

You don't know how much you use the internet until you don't have it anymore! This last month has been a hectic one for my family and me.

We bought a house (Yeah!). Because of how the loan worked, we didn't know until the actual day of signing if we were moving or not. Which means we didn't have anything packed because we still needed most everything for day to day living. So we signed and packed and moved in two days (Not so yeah!). At this point, we're mostly unpacked, but the move did put a bit of a delay on Totems: Clouds of War. Possibly end of November, although I'm still working my tail off.

We have started round 2 of edits. I have to say, I'm excited for this book. There are a few twists that I didn't see coming until I actually wrote the book. Very excited. :)

I'll keep you updated on how the edits are going. Have a good one!