Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year Resolutions

I’ve been thinking lately about where I want to take my authorship. I love writing and I plan to keep writing. That’s not the problem. My problem is what to do with my writing once it’s done. I love sharing it, so I’m making some New Year’s Resolutions with that in mind.

1. I want to release three books this year. Yes, three. They’re already written in vomit draft, I just need to finish editing them. (Okay, maybe four. But who’s counting?)

2. I want to send those on my newsletter complimentary short story or two. I haven’t outlined them yet, but I have a pretty good idea of what they’ll be. Eventually, they will be made available to the public, but those on my list will get first crack at them.

3. I want to give those on my newsletter a Christmas present! Considering I’m an author, you can probably bet it will be a free story of some sort. ;) (Okay, I’m totally planning to write Ashtiv’s story. Hope you don’t mind me ruining the surprise.)

4. I want to purchase 25 bags from Together We Rise to donate to my local foster care agency. This is only possible because of all of you. So that donation is as much from you as me. If you want to see what they’re all about, you can find them at It’s a non-profit organization.

5. I want to send out monthly newsletters and write monthly blog posts to keep you informed of what’s going on. Those who have signed up for my newsletter will be privy to insider information (like sales or freebies from me and other authors) while the blog will cover more general news or random thoughts.

6. I want to revamp my web page, which means that I may move it in the near future. Purchase my own domain name and everything. :) It makes me nervous, but I think it would be more professional. And I want to offer professional quality to my readers.

7. I want to divide my time using the 80/20 rule. This means I have to figure out how often I’m going to write each day so that I have a known number to work with. Then I want to devote 80% of that time to writing and 20% to marketing, newsletters, and blog posts.

These are my New Year’s Resolutions. I hereby resolve to get these things done in 2017! I understand that resolutions don’t always happen, which is why some people don’t like to make them. What’s the point when you always fail? I don’t see making and attempting and failing resolutions as failure, I see it as progress. If I can improve myself a little bit today, even if I don’t make the big improvement that I wanted, then I’ll be that much better than yesterday.

*You'll notice a lot of good things are geared toward those on my newsletter list. That's because they took the time to sign up for my newsletter, so I want to make sure to treat them right. They've made a commitment with me and I want to show them I appreciate that. Anyone can sign up for the list. ;)

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