Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting Organized

Check this out. Seriously. (Buy here:

Each month, I try reading something a little different. Something that will challenge the mind and get things going. As a writer, mother, and wife, it sometimes feels like I've got a million balls in the air all at once.

Let's run with that juggling analogy a bit, shall we?

When you learn something new, you start basic. With juggling, you would start with a single ball, gradually adding more as you became more comfortable with the current level. Life is like that. At least, in an ideal world.

Ideally, we add one responsibility at a time, layering and scheduling out our time as we feel uncomfortable. In the real world (as with the occasional juggling performance), there's some fella standing off to the side, throwing balls into your circle before you're ready. Sometimes, you can handle it. And sometimes, it all falls apart and you have to start over (after skidding on the mess, landing on your backside, and convincing yourself that you can get back up again and it's okay).

This book has been AWESOME! I love it. Written by a psychologist and a life coach, you get explanations about WHY and HOW the brain works and the WHY and HOW to get and keep things going. There's nothing mystical or earthshattering to this book. It's based on science and experience. They don't give you the same formula for becoming organized (which I loved, because those formulas never work for me). They give you a way to understand yourself, discover your own blocks, and to create your own organization.

I found my copy at the local library, but am seriously contemplating buying this book for my personal library. It is that good.

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