Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Okay, BELATED Mother's Day!

First off, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has read or downloaded The Guardians: Revenge.

Second, a big PLEA to review the story after you read it. It is very helpful to know what you think of the book. I love and appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Third, Guardians: Hope/Life is about a third of the way through rough draft stage. Yeah! Also, the second book to Totems is started. If I am able to finish the rough draft of that, I think we will be releasing two books next year.

And, a bit randomly, I have started research on another book. I'll give you more details on that one as I get closer to rough draft stage (wink). But I will tell you this. It will be titled Esther.

Have a great day!

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