Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writing Triangle

So I was laying in bed considering the writer's triangle. How could I have forgotten? There are three elements to the writer's triangle (okay, there are several "triangles" I'm using the more modern version). You have "Writer" -> "Purpose" -> "Audience." All of those things create your message. I realized that I have not chosen an audience. It has definitely created sub-par writing.

Now I have a struggle. Who is my audience? I could say "you," except that I don't know you. Are you a you that enjoys philosophy? Education? Art? Literature? Partying? Who are you? I think it will help when I discover this. For now, I'm going to have to give you a name: Unknown. I know, not very creative, but it helps me to focus my writing.

So, when you're writing, remember that you need all three to create a message to someone. The writer: That's you. The Purpose: Why you're writing. And The Audience: That's You. All three combined will create the message...and be warned! The message you write may not be the message you intended the audience to receive. ;)

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