Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Let's step out of fantasy for a bit and talk about reality. Hahaha! Just kidding, we'll talk about a bit of the two.

Do you ever think about what a real life character would be like? Honestly, look at some of the situations your favorite protagonists go through and ask yourself, "How are they not suffering from major anxiety, depression, paranoia, etc.?" They go through difficult situations, but the reality is, they don't suffer from them. Because they're not real.

But you are. And I am. And that makes you (and me) the greatest protagonist in your own story. You feel everything. You struggle to cope. You fall down. And you get back up. You go to bed and wake up the next day holding to the hope that tomorrow will be better. Or maybe today was good and you go to bed thankful for the good day. Either way, whatever your circumstance, you're doing an amazing thing simply by choosing to live each day the best you can. So keep on keeping on. :)

By the way, Totems 3 is a mess. o.O

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