Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Interview with Rael

Today, A Jot or a Lot (JOAL) has the privilege of interviewing Rael, King of the Dragon Totem lands.

JOAL: Thank you for taking time to speak with us today, King Rael.
Rael: My pleasure. I have much to do, may we proceed?
JOAL: Of course, Your Majesty. How long has your family been in power?
Rael: Several hundred years.
JOAL: Impressive. Why do you think you have lasted so long in power?
Rael: The dragons, of course. We are direct descendants of the original Dragon Bonders. It is a requirement to even marry into the Royal Family.
JOAL: What are a few laws that are important to you?
Rael: Those laws that promote protection tend to be more important to me than others. Especially when they concern those who cannot protect themselves, such as children.
JOAL: Have you created any laws that impacted your people?
Rael: I have not needed to. My family has been quite thorough in placing the laws needed. Mainly, I enforce those in place and judge between petitioners or criminals. I also work to maintain peace with the separate kingdoms.
JOAL: What is your Dragon Gift?
Rael: A...warrior's ability and sense, if you will. Also the ability to sense when my subjects are being truthful to me. The warrior's ability means that I am an instinctive fighter and strategist. My warrior's sense means that I can often sense an attack before it happens.
JOAL: What's your pet peeve?
Rael: Incompetence.
JOAL: What do you think of Arianwyn?
Rael: That is none of your business.
JOAL: Why did you choose Arianwyn?
Rael: I explained that at the banquet. If you were not in attendance, then you have no reason to know of the specifics.
JOAL: For the sake of those not in attendance, then?
Rael: If you insist...I chose her because she was willing to forsake everything to protect another.


  1. I need more. I'm craving it!!! I love the character of Rael!

  2. Thanks, Leisa! So excited to figure out what I'm doing with their story! ;)