Monday, April 29, 2013

Dear Health Nuts...

Okay, admittedly, I occasionally fall under the title of "health nut." But I don't think I'd say I was overboard or crazy, by any stretch of the's my letter, I guess.

Dear Health Nuts,

It's OKAY! Do you eat healthy and exercise? Awesome. You should do that. But you wanna know something? It's OKAY to occasionally cut loose, eat a slice of pie and NOT WORRY ABOUT CALORIES!

I hear health fanatics talk about foods they "used to" love eating. But then they follow it up with, "But then I realized that I would have to run ten miles to get rid of it!" I don't know why it bothers me to hear that. Maybe it's the fact that they sound more than a little obsessed. Maybe it's because people who obsess over their health have lost the ability to simply enjoy what they eat. I miss people who would share recipes because they were delicious and not simply nutritious.

So, my healthy friends, learn to cut loose every once in a while. You know the old saying 'moderation in all things?' I think it involves eating 'junk food' every once in a while. Because chances are, you're missing out. WAY out. I'm going to go consider something completely UNHEALTHY to eat now. Thanks. :)


Someone Who Loves Eating ALL KINDS of Food

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