Monday, December 10, 2012


The first book that will be coming out (probably via cheap kindle books on amazon) is science fiction and will be about Sasquatch's cousin, the skunk ape. Okay, in most circles, 'skunk ape' is another name for sasquatch. That's the joy of writing..."creative liberties." :) Title is still forthcoming. I'll let you know a more precise release date when I finish the third review of the book. Although hopeful that I will be able to publish this book traditionally, I'm not entirely certain my chances will be good. This book will have a sequel.

The second book still has a ways to go. It will be a fantasy book about a young girl who accidentally bonds with a dragon and ends up becoming the king's intended. I'm probably 25% done with this book and hoping it will go more the traditional route of publishing. We'll see. :) This book will also have a sequel.

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